Overview Edit

Rouri is a performer who currently lives in the NES.


Rouri’s hair is a dark, rust colored orange and is cut slightly below the jaw. She has five eyes, her lower two being blue, upper two being green and the uppermost center one is gray. She is fair skinned and tall, with shoulders that are slightly broad and a very toned physique. She wears fashions that are slightly out-there and usually correspond to her career as a performer, but she always has on her black vest which is adorned with all sorts of colorful buttons.


Rouri is friendly and sociable, but isn’t overly eager. She will be kind and confident when in the spotlight but with friends she is much less of a personality, preferring to be more relaxed and quiet. She is very quick thinking as well, and has gotten many people out of trouble with only a string of words. She also likes to weave tales to entertain and takes joy in writing. But, she can be very insecure at times and has been known to hide her eyes using a combination of shades and a hat.


Rouri lived in the Capitol for most of her childhood until her parents were slain and she was turned into an experiment. Her and Carrie were paraded around as a performing duo. Carrie is no longer performing with her but Rouri still travels and does shows.

Abilities Edit

Rouri is an experiment, but she wasn't given any offensive powers. She knows basic hand to hand combat and carries around a knife with her for just in case. Her fifth eye does have supernatural capabilities, though. No matter what her fifth eye can always see, and Rouri has said that it puts things into a black and white perspective and people's auras are the only things of color. None of her other eyes can see anything peculiar.

Relationships Edit

Carrie is practically Rouri's sister. Levvy is Rouri's boyfriend. Cortana is also one of her closest friends.