So apparently author’s notes are all the rage (at least on wattpad they are) so I’ll leave you a brief one just so you know what the hell you’re about to get yourself into. I would very confidently and urgently rate this R, or maybe even something a little higher if there’s such a thing. Don’t take that lightly, okay? I mean it.

This is true, by the way, so this isn’t from my twisted imagination. It’s from my twisted life. There’s heavy gore, language, sex, violence and just really mature psychological shit, so please, if you can’t handle any of that don’t read this. I’m warning you. But if that sort of stuff is your fucked up cup of tea, or maybe you’re just thinking, man what the Hell is up with this Rouri chick, then go ahead and read, I’m not stopping you.

Just know that I’m only writing this out to remember and to educate, not to make you fascinated and intrigued. Anyway, I hope you get whatever the Hell you’re looking for out of this.