Overview Edit

Ghira currently works as an intelligence agent and is Krylo's younger sister.

Appearance Edit

Ghira is a stocky girl of average height with bright red-orange hair and dark green eyes. She has a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She's always wearing her olive green windbreaker and her knee-high leather boots.

Personality Edit

Ghira is witty and sociable. She's laid back and humorous and most people feel at ease with her. She is excellent at reading people's tone and body language. She also doesn't easily get taken for a fool. She can be extremely cautious, despite her usually guns-blazing attitude.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Ghira can be fast and is actually really good at creeping around. She also knows an array of tricks like lock picking. Ghira also is a decent shooter and carries a pistol with her at all times.

Background Edit

During war times Ghira was a thief who drifted from town to town. She was able to sustain herself but was also seeking out apparent family. She was able to find Krylo but couldn't find their parents. After the war, a general from the army suggested she join. She accepted and became invested in the intelligence branch.

Relationships Edit

Krylo is Ghira's older sister. She is also very close to Cortana and Caulder.