Here's just a list of some common questions and answers regarding our wiki and the topic we cover.

What is the Dream Dimension? Edit

The Dream Dimension is a plane of existence that is closely linked to our own. Usually, people visit this dimension through their dreams but slowly become powerful enough to access it any time they want, whether they're awake or asleep. The Dream Dimension is a lot like Reality, with its own countries, celebrities and laws.

How do I become Conscious? Edit

Lucid dreaming is probably the most common thing you could google for tips on becoming aware of your dreams, but do note that not everyone has Conscious potential. Conscious are naturally creative and very open minded and out of the box thinkers. If you feel that doesn't describe you in any way then you may not have the potential.

I'm Conscious, now what?Edit

Since DD functions in a way similar to reality you'll need to find a place to stay and most likely get a job, unless someone is willing to house you entirely rent free or you're on a crew (Even then you will be expected to do tasks here and there). You'll also want to practice honing any abilities you may have.

How do I know if I have powers? Edit

Usually only time and experience will tell. There are certain people within the dimension that could read your aura and tell you your powers, but usually they charge for their services or are hard to get a hold of. Most people discover powers through dangerous experiences, though some powers do manifest immediately without even thinking about them. It all depends.

How do I get a crew? Edit

Usually you just are given one. A sponsor who notes that you are close to waking may decide to invest money in you because they see that you have a unique power or a very strong aura. Sponsors even have unique algorithms for deciding on Conscious to invest in. But, if a sponsor isn't interested in you, you could always get a group together and apply for a spot as a military crew, or just call yourselves a crew for fun.